Florian Foundry: Product Management (FFPM)

Build your PM experience, with mentorship from product leaders.

The Product Management Florian Foundry is an eight-week remote summer program for future product leaders. Our community combines alumni mentorship, resume-building experiences, and PM workshops to help prepare you for a career in product management.

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Average starting salary of Florian graduates:


Our students have received offers at:

Designed for future product leaders.

Leverage the power of community and tangible product experience to kickstart your PM career.

1:1 Product Mentor.

Meet regularly with a PM mentor from top tech companies to discuss your career and get feedback on your summer product.

Resume Experience.

Enhance your PM experience and resume by ideating, building, launching, and pitching a product during the cohort.

PM Workshops.

Learn everything from effective quantitative analysis to how to excel at product interviews during our weekly workshops.

Florian Foundry Community.

Join a community of other amazing Foundry students who will be there to support you throughout your career in product.

Testimonial Image

I literally wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for Florian.

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of students... Florian changed the game for me by providing me with personal mentorship and endless support which helped me land my dream role!

Krystal K.

Data Science, Class of 2021
Testimonial Image

Without Florian, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

Between the 1:1 mentorship, fireside chats, and super helpful programs, Florian has consistently blown me away with its support.

Nathan L.

Business, Class of 2023
Testimonial Image

Florian’s career services helped connect me to an industry leader in my field, which oriented me in the right direction toward my career goals.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Florian.

Sandy T.

Cognitive Science PhD, Class of 2025
Testimonial Image

Florian is there for you no matter what.

They will provide you with everything you need to be successful, and the amount of support Florian has given me was more than I could have ever asked for.

Darren K.

Data Science, Class of 2020
Testimonial Image

Being interested in AI and cognitive science, it’s so helpful to have a Florian mentor at the intersection of both to work with me to bring my career goals to life.

Shae E.

Cognitive Science, Class of 2022

Mentors and Speakers

Some of the world-class product leaders who will be working with you during the cohort:

Vaibhav Sahgal
Vice President of Consumer Product, Reddit
Karen Scruggs
Product Manager, Google
Reza Parang
Product Manager, Facebook
Robin Ringman
Senior Product Manager, Gusto
Bre Vergess
Head of Product, Frame
Vin Sathyamoorthy
Senior Group Product Manager, Reddit
Cayley Larimer
Product Manager, Facebook
Jordan Decker
Senior Consultant of Product Management, ThoughtWorks
Ani Mohan
Co-Founder of GameSnacks, Google
Tyler Swartz
Senior Product Manager, Reddit
Samantha Carow
Co-Founder and Head of Product, DwellWell
Paul Matsiras
Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Jamie Quint
Former Head of Growth, Notion
Sofia Dewar
Product and Design Research, Asana
Rishab Hegde
Product Lead, Rippling
Neel Rao
Product Manager, Google

Florian Foundry: Product Management (FFPM)

Welcome to the most impactful 8 weeks of your career.

The next cohort kicks off soon. Pricing is $2,500. Spots are limited and students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

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Product Management Florian Foundry Curriculum

Week 1

Introducing the Foundry

Learn how to navigate the Foundry in order to make the most of it. Get paired with your product mentor.

Week 2

Creating Product Strategy

Discover the elements of an impactful product strategy and roadmap. Begin ideating on your summer product.

Week 3

Understanding the Customer

Learn how to conduct user interviews and other qualitative analysis. Start identifying your target customer.

Week 4

Uncovering Data Insights

Sharpen your quantitative toolkit with a review of data analysis techniques. Apply these to your product.

Week 5

Influencing Without Authority

Find out how to persuasively communicate cross-functionally. Finish building your summer product.

Week 6

Launching the Product

Learn the steps and metrics needed for a successful product launch. Prepare to launch your product.

Week 7

Pitching the Results

Discover best practices for presenting a product to a senior audience. Get feedback on your own pitch.

Week 8

Cracking the Interview

Learn how to tackle the PM interview and its different question types. Wrap up your summer product.

You’re going to accomplish incredible things. We’re just here to help.

A community of 100+ successful alumnI...

... ACRoss Leading companies.


Who should apply?


Anyone interested in product management is welcome to apply! Whether you're a PM intern or full-time PM looking to level up your experience, a sophomore trying to break into the profession, or anywhere in between, we're happy to help support you.

I thought Florian is a source of student-friendly funding?


We are! We have offered funding as an alternative to loans and career services to students over the past 2 years. Throughout this time, we've had many students reach out interested in our career services, but who did not need funding. We created this program and others like it to support these students.

What if I miss a workshop?


No problem! We'll provide you with a recording afterward so you can catch up on what you missed.

What if I can't afford it?


Our mission has always been to support underserved student populations. If the price of this program is out of reach, feel free to submit an application and then send us an email at students@joinflorian.com.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at students@joinflorian.com.
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