Fund your future,
without loans.

Receive funding and mentorship from a community of successful alumni.

Repay what you can when you start working full-time.
Join a community working toward your success.
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Our funding structure has been covered by:

Approach your future with confidence.

Student-friendly funding.

Inspired by Purdue University's model, you repay a small percentage of your income after graduation instead of taking on loans. As a result, you only pay back what you can afford.

Personalized career support.

Whether you're exploring, actively recruiting, or somewhere in between, our alumni community will work with you to help you get ahead in your career.

"Florian has consistently blown me away with its support. Between the 1:1 mentorship, fireside chats, and super helpful programs, I honestly don't know where I'd be without it.“

Nathan L.

Class of 2023

“Being interested in AI and cognitive science, it’s so helpful to have a Florian mentor at the intersection of both to work with me to bring my career goals to life.”

Shae E.

Cognitive Science
Class of 2022

“Florian helped me afford the high rent in the Bay Area, while giving me the comfort of knowing I can pursue graduate school without worrying about repayments.”

Jonathan L.

Triage Consulting
Class of 2020

"Thanks to Florian, I was able to reduce the hours I was spending at my part-time job, pay off some of my loans, and focus on my education instead!"

Adam F.

Cognitive Science
Class of 2021

You’re going to accomplish incredible things. We’re just here to help.

In addition to funding, you get access to...

From A community of 100+ successful alumnI...

... ACRoss Leading companies

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"Education has helped low income, immigrant, or disadvantaged families achieve upward mobility.  For an immigrant student like me, this was a gift. The financial demands on today's students are higher than ever, so I support Florian's innovative approach to help students afford college."

Charles Huang

Co-Founder, Guitar Hero
Class of 1993

How it Works

Get up to $30K per semester for:

Loan Repayments


Living Expenses

Housing Costs

School Materials

Step One
Let us know how we can support you.

Florian helps with tuition, living expenses, and loan repayments, so you don’t have to worry about financial stress.

Step Two
Receive your funding and mentorship.

Focus on your education, not on its expenses. Work with Florian’s alumni community to accelerate your career.

Step Three
Pay back only when you've landed a great job.

With Florian, you pay back a percentage of your income upon working full-time, so you only repay what you can afford.

"I know that the price of education has grown out of reach for many. As soon as I heard what Florian was doing - investing in students as a smarter way of funding college education - I was sold."

Chris Seiwald

Founder, Perforce Software
Class of 1984

financial aid Reimagined
Florian is reinventing the way students pay for their education.

Pay what you can afford.

Pay less when you make less. If your salary is below $40K, you don't owe anything. You can repay early and your payments are capped, so you never overpay.

Avoid loans.

Pursue the path you want without worrying about rigid payments, interest accruing, or a cloud of debt hanging over you. Grad school? Gap year? It's up to you.

Unburden your parents.

Base funding on your future potential, not your parents' income or credit score. You can also help pay off Parent PLUS loans, and there's no co-signer required.

Prepare for the future.

Florian is completely aligned with your success. Our career services and alumni community are here to support you however we can.

Join a community working together to achieve your goals.