Florian Fellowship

Land your dream role in tech with the help of industry leaders.

Florian levels the playing field for high-potential candidates looking to quickly break into the tech industry. We build your foundation through mentorship and career programming, and then use our community to help land you a great role. You pay nothing until you start working in a job making at least $60,000.

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Average starting salary of Florian graduates:


Our students have received offers at:

Leverage referrals, not resume drops.

We work alongside you to bridge the gap to the quality roles you deserve.

Recruiting Management.

We'll work with you through every step of the process and help direct your outreach to ensure you're set up for success.

Hands-on Mentorship.

Connect with an industry leader for mock interviews, career advice, recruiting feedback, resume reviews, and more.

Company Connections.

Need an introduction? Just ask. We'll help put you in touch, as well as pair you with companies that could be a good fit for you.

Career Training.

Excel in your future role via skills gained at our workshops and speaker events (over 90 events already hosted in 2021).

Testimonial Image

I literally wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for Florian.

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of students... Florian changed the game for me by providing me with personal mentorship and endless support which helped me land my dream role!

Krystal K.

Data Science, Class of 2021
Testimonial Image

Without Florian, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

Between the 1:1 mentorship, fireside chats, and super helpful programs, Florian has consistently blown me away with its support.

Nathan L.

Business, Class of 2023
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Florian’s career services helped connect me to an industry leader in my field, which oriented me in the right direction toward my career goals.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Florian.

Sandy T.

Cognitive Science PhD, Class of 2025
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Florian is there for you no matter what.

They will provide you with everything you need to be successful, and the amount of support Florian has given me was more than I could have ever asked for.

Darren K.

Data Science, Class of 2020
Testimonial Image

Being interested in AI and cognitive science, it’s so helpful to have a Florian mentor at the intersection of both to work with me to bring my career goals to life.

Shae E.

Cognitive Science, Class of 2022

Select Florian Community Members

We combine the knowledge and networks of our community to set you up for success.

Vin Sathyamoorthy
Senior Group Product Manager, Reddit
Madeleine McCarthy
Head of Corporate Strategy and Development, Acorns
Jason Bellet
Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Eko
Sofia Dewar
Product and Design Research, Asana
Bre Vergess
Head of Product, Frame
Ani Mohan
Co-Founder of GameSnacks, Google
Samantha Carow
Co-Founder and CTO, DwellWell
Leland Chamlin
Chief of Staff, Bowery Farming
Alex Mandel
Senior Interaction Designer, Omada Health
Karen Scruggs
Product Manager, Google
Jamie Quint
General Partner, Uncommon Capital
Catherine Geewax
Sales Manager, Sigma Computing
Saskia Owens
Strategy — Office of the CMO, Google
Luis De Pombo
Co-Founder and CEO, Alan Technologies
Emily Calkins
Vice President, Spectrum Equity
Paul Matsiras
Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Select Schools Represented By Florian Students

Secure the right role, not just any role.

Your first job sets the stage for your career. We make sure it's not left up to chance.

Battle-Tested Playbook

Work with Florian on everything from landing your initial interview to salary negotiations each week until you accept an offer.

Employer Introductions

Connect with breakout companies at our exclusive employer events and get help with introductions where you're struggling.

Florian Fridays

Hear from and meet industry leaders at our regular fireside chats. Begin to broaden your own professional network.

Development Workshops

Learn personal finance management, public speaking, data analysis, and more at our workshops designed to help you flourish in your career.

Mock Interviews

Get personalized feedback and insights through mock interviews, resume reviews, recruiting roundtables, and more.

Process Management

Leverage the Florian Career Log to ensure you never miss a deadline and keep track where you are at in the recruiting process.

Cohort Socials

Create lasting relationships and meaningful friendships with other inspiring Florian Fellows (and have a little fun in the process).

Office Hours

Get personalized support and guidance from Florian whenever beneficial by attending our weekly office hours.

Insights & Opportunities

Gain access to insights on what companies and opportunities might be the best fit by leveraging Florian's information advantage.

Florian Fellowship

Welcome to the most impactful community of your career.

The next cohort kicks off soon. There is no up-front cost — pay 6% of 1 year's income only after you begin working in a job earning at least $60,000. Spots are limited and students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

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You’re going to accomplish incredible things. We’re just here to help.

A community of 100+ successful alumnI...

... ACRoss Leading companies.

Your Cohort Lead

Your cohort will be led by Emon Motamedi, Florian's founder and CEO.

Having supported over 1,000 students, Emon will work alongside your cohort to help you land a quality role in tech.

Prior to Florian, Emon led the Video and Digital Economy teams at Reddit as a Senior Product Manager. Before that, he spent several years in investment banking and private equity.

Emon graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, with a double major in business and cognitive science and a minor in computer science.

Emon's previous organizations:


Who should apply?


The Fellowship is targeted to those pursuing roles in the tech industry. We support candidates across job functions within tech, whether engineering, product, design, data science, sales, business, etc.

What if I miss an event?


No problem! We'll provide you with a recording afterward so you can catch up on what you missed.

Is the Fellowship virtual?


Yes, the Fellowship is virtual. We may layer on in-person elements in the future, but for now everything will be remote.

What does the Fellowship cost?


The Fellowship has no up-front cost. Only once Fellows are working full-time and earning at least $60,000 will they pay 6% of one year's income. This is to ensure Florian is aligned with your outcome.

For example, a salary of $70,000 would translate to $4,200 paid.

How long is the Fellowship?


The Fellowship is 9 months in length. Most students should land roles sooner than that, but we don't want to turn our backs on students who are taking a bit longer to find a job.

Does the Fellowship come with funding?


No, the Fellowship is separate from our Funding program.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at students@joinflorian.com.
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