Florian Fast Track (FFT)

Land a job or internship before the summer begins.

Florian Fast Track is an 8-week remote program that combines alumni mentorship, a breakneck curriculum, and world-class speakers to help you quickly secure a job offer.

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Average starting salary of Florian graduates:


Our students have received offers at:

Designed for rapid results.

We skip the basics to focus on making the biggest impact to your recruiting process.

Battle-tested curriculum.

Quickly get your foot in the door with companies via a weekly plan of attack covered at each workshop.

Alumni mentorship.

Work with successful alumni in your field of choice to prepare for interviews and expedite your job search.

Community for life.

Join a network of other amazing students that will be there throughout your career to support you.

World-class speakers.

Ask a CEO for career advice at a Florian Friday, our speaker series that highlights industry leaders.

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I literally wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for Florian.

It’s easy to feel lost in a sea of students... Florian changed the game for me by providing me with personal mentorship and endless support which helped me land my dream role!

Krystal K.

Data Science, Class of 2021
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Without Florian, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

Between the 1:1 mentorship, fireside chats, and super helpful programs, Florian has consistently blown me away with its support.

Nathan L.

Business, Class of 2023
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Florian’s career services helped connect me to an industry leader in my field, which oriented me in the right direction toward my career goals.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of Florian.

Sandy T.

Cognitive Science PhD, Class of 2025
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Florian is there for you no matter what.

They will provide you with everything you need to be successful, and the amount of support Florian has given me was more than I could have ever asked for.

Darren K.

Data Science, Class of 2020
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Being interested in AI and cognitive science, it’s so helpful to have a Florian mentor at the intersection of both to work with me to bring my career goals to life.

Shae E.

Cognitive Science, Class of 2022

You’re going to accomplish incredible things. We’re just here to help.

A community of 100+ successful alumnI Mentors...

... ACRoss Leading companies

Recent Florian Friday Speakers

Matt Levin

Former MD

Joe Jimenez

Former CEO

Mark Edelstone

MD and Chairman

Tom Holland

Global Leader

Florian Fast Track (FFT)

Welcome to the most impactful 8 weeks of your career.

The next cohort kicks off soon. Pricing is $400. Spots are limited and students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

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Florian Fast Track Curriculum

Week 1

The 80 / 20 of Recruiting

Learn what 20% of tactics drive 80% of the gains in your job search, and begin putting them into practice.

Week 2

Goodbye Resume Drops

Discover why resume drops are not effective, and what you'll be doing instead to get an initial interview with companies.

Week 3

Sourcing Quality Opportunities

Receive access to the Florian Career Log, a way to accelerate your outreach. Connect with companies that are a good fit.

Week 4

Coffee Chats Galore

Begin informational interviews with employees at your target companies, with help from Florian and our alumni.

Week 5

Communication Secrets

Learn how to build rapport with anyone you speak with. Work with alumni on crafting your story to stand out.

Week 6

Interviewing Deep Dive

Go through interview ins and outs, and proper structuring for different question types. Practice mock interviews.

Week 7

Leveraging the Offer

Find out how to stay top of mind with recruiters after the interview. Learn how to negotiate your offer and leverage it for other roles.

Week 8

Making it Count

You've accepted the offer! Now let's turn our attention to setting you up for success in the role and surpassing expectations.

Your Instructor

Workshops will be led by Emon Motamedi, Florian's founder and CEO.

Having worked with over 1,000 students, Emon will bring tried and tested tactics to help you accelerate your job search.

Prior to Florian, Emon led the Video and Digital Economy teams at Reddit as a Senior Product Manager. Before that, he spent several years in investment banking and private equity.

Emon graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, with a double major in business and cognitive science and a minor in computer science.

Emon's previous organizations:


Who should apply?


Anyone is welcome! Whether you're a senior scrambling to find a job before graduation, a freshman looking to land that first summer internship, or anywhere in between, we're happy to help support you.

I thought Florian is a source of student-friendly funding?


We are! We have offered funding as an alternative to loans and career services to students over the past 2 years. Throughout this time, we've had many students reach out interested in our career services, but who did not need funding. We created this program to support those students and others like them through their recruiting journey.

What if I miss a workshop?


No problem! We'll provide you with a recording afterward so you can catch up on what you missed.

What if I can't afford it?


Our mission has always been to support underserved student populations. We've found that the cost of other programs can often be inaccessible for these demographics, which is why we've tried to craft ours so that it isn't exclusionary toward broad groups of students. If for whatever reason this is still out of reach, feel free to submit an application and then send us an email at students@joinflorian.com. We will do our best to accommodate your situation.

When does the program start?


The program begins the week of March 29.

Still have questions? Feel free to text us at 415-562-5085.
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