Frequently Asked Questions

Income share agreements ("ISAs") are a funding option for students who need financial support. They offer a wide range of benefits over traditional loans, but it is important to understand them. Please see below for some frequently asked questions. Students, parents and/or guardians who have additional questions can give us a call at 415-562-5085 or use our application to get in touch.

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a contractual agreement in which a student receives education funding in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of post-graduation income over a set number of years.

How is an ISA different from a loan?

Student loans are paid back through fixed monthly payments, including interest based on a principal. ISAs are more flexible in their repayment terms and will adapt to your income circumstances. Repayments for an ISA are based on a percentage of your income and not on a fixed principal, so they should always be affordable. You pay for a set number of years and there is an upper limit on what you are required to pay back. Additional, Florian ISAs provide students with the opportunity to repay early.

What are the benefits to students?

ISAs offer students an alternative to debt. Debt creates risks to students if they cannot afford their payments during and after college, whereas ISA payments adjust according to levels of income. In addition, there will be a minimum income threshold and a maximum payment cap. This means that students who use Florian will not pay if they do not meet a minimum income level. And those who earn a substantial amount of income will not pay above a certain maximum amount, and can alway repay early.

Am I required to fully pay the money that was given to me under the ISA?

An ISA recipient is simply required to pay the agreed upon percentage of post-graduation income for the prescribed term of the contract. After making successful payments over that term, no additional payments are required even if they have paid less than the amount of funding they received.

What are the risks to students?

The amount of payment is based on income, so if a student commits to an ISA and earns a high income after graduation they may pay more than they would have with conventional debt. However, Florian caps the total amount paid and states the cap in your disclosure and contract. Additionally, Florian allows students to repay early if they choose to do so.

What is the cap on total ISA payments?

Once payments have been made equal to the cap that is stated in your disclosure and contract, no more payments are required. This cap varies based on each student’s particular case.

How much funding is available for individual students?

Individual funding amounts may vary depending on each student's particular case. Students may receive up to $30K in funding per semester via Florian. Students who have already received funding from Florian may take out funding for a future semester by entering into a new ISA. The terms of the new ISA will be separate and independent from any other ISA the student had entered into.

Students should call / text Florian at 415-562-5085 or fill out our application to get in touch.